How to Breastfeed Successfully on your side using BellaMoon

Breastfeeding – one of the most natural yet most challenging things to master as a new Mother. From establishing your latch in the first few toe-curling days and weeks, to managing your unpredictable supply, to ensuring baby is fed on demand to avoiding the dreaded mastitis – even the most experienced Mothers find it incredibly tough at times. Despite that, it provides a beautiful bond between you and your baby – physically, mentally and emotionally for years to come.

Establishing breastfeeding using BellaMoon

What can you do to help make it a success?

One of the many factors in ensuring breastfeeding success, it ensuring Mother is comfortable and supported as she embarks on her journey of Motherhood. Mastering the various feeding positions in the early weeks can be a major factor in ensuring a positive breastfeeding journey. Generally, when Mother is happy and content – baby is too.

The Side-Lying Position

One of the most comfortable yet lesser known breastfeeding positions is the side-lying position. It is a naturally protective Mothering position which our bodies have been designed for. It has been used for breastfeeding throughout the evolution of humankind.

Bellamoon is designed around this side-lying position where it provides mother and baby with intense comfort and support as they learn to breastfeed together.

Lateral Breastfeeding in BellaMoon Half Moon

How it Works

Within Bellamoon, baby is positioned in the Half Moon. Mother lies on her side with baby beside her in her Half Moon. Babies mouth should be level with Mothers nipple. Mum stretches her arm out above baby’s head (the bottom arm she is lying on) to support her body and to stop baby from moving up. Her tummy is against the soft yet structural wedge to prevent rolling. Her legs are tucked up underneath baby. This helps prevent baby from moving down.

Baby will instinctively turn it’s head towards Mums nipple and latch on. The mattress base of the Half Moon will provide support to Mothers breast, raising it up to baby’s mouth to feed. If baby regurgitates milk the cover of the Half Moon can be removed easily for washing, providing a hygienic solution and space for lateral feeding.

The BellaMoon Feeding Position

Switching Sides

To feed from the other breast, simply lift baby out, turn the Half Moon around by 180degrees and gently place baby back in the Half Moon. Mother then lies in her opposite side – where the removable wedge is located.

Instagram video on how to switch sides – 1 of 3
Instagram video on how to switch sides – 2 of 3
Instagram video on how to switch sides – 3 of 3

So that’s it summarised – how you can use Bellamoon Half Moon to successfully breastfeed in comfort on your side.

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