Safety & design


There are 7 different functions of BellaMoon, all of which are suitable for use at different stages of a baby's life, from pregnancy through to 18 months.   We take safety very seriously, therefore, prior to using BellaMoon, we encourage you to read our detailed user guide and watch our video for instructions on the safe use of BellaMoon.


BellaMoon® has been independently user tested at a specialist infant lab led by international experts.  Their overnight testing, together with years of expert research and additional focus user-test groups was used to inform the detail design of BellaMoon and our user guidance.
We have also taken into account guidance issued by the Lullaby Trust, a UK based charitable organisation, which aims to raise awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and provide expert advice on safer sleep for babies. 

BellaMoon is designed for short intervals of day and night-time breastfeeding. Once breastfeeding is complete and baby has latched off, baby should be placed on their own separate sleep surface, in accordance with safe sleep guidance provided by the Lullaby Trust.

BellaMoon is designed to comply with BS5852 and BS4578. All Materials comply with OekoTex 1 and REACH Standards. All components are FR treated.
The full list of safety tests which BellaMoon has fully complied with is as follows;

ISO14184-1:2011 - Formaldehyde FREE

BS EN71-1:2011

California Proposition 65

Resistant to ignition according to BS5852

Air Permeability according to BS4578

16 CFR Part 1500.53(f) (1-1-12) (CAN)

REACH compliant


REACH Reg: Cadmium FREE


OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certified (EU)

All components are Intertek Tested and proven free from harmful substances

Free from Heavy Metals

Free from Phthalates



We spent several years designing, engineering and testing our signature Anti-Roll Fin and Anti-Roll Barrier – one of the specific aspects that makes BellaMoon so special.  

Please use the Anti-Roll Fin with care.  Keep it away from older children or anyone who may accidentally tamper it with force.  Whereas it has been designed to assist in preventing gentle rolling from the sides, it is a non-load-bearing fin which is not intended to be used as a mechanism to take the full weight of a person. For example, when switching feeding sides, you should not apply your weight vertically down through the fin when pushing yourself off the bed.

We recommend checking the Anti-Roll Fin on a regular basis to ensure no cracks or damages have appeared. If you require a replacement, please contact BellaMoon at info@bellamoon.co or via our contact page. 


The unique organic shape of BellaMoon is designed around the universal lateral breastfeeding position with Mother and baby together in immediate proximity for feeding. Baby should never be left unsupervised in BellaMoon.

We have made sure that all of our fabrics are made in an earth-friendly way are free from harmful substances and are tested and approved to meet all international safety standard requirements.
Every material and detail is carefully micro-managed to ensure the highest quality of breathability, non-toxicity, comfort and convenience. The covers are also fully changeable and all fabric parts are washable.

BellaMoon® travels easily from place-to-place with easily detachable parts and high-quality packaging for optimal protection and durability. 

BellaMoon® Pregnancy Pillow comes vacuum packed to reduce our impact on the world. We have also consciously made our range from sustainable materials with OEKO-TEX certified production methods, together with accessories made from bamboo – a highly sustainable fast-growing crop.