What BellaMoon Mums have to say

“I felt that my baby and I were so comfortable and supported. It was soft enough, yet firm enough to support him”

Emma and her baby boy

“I really felt incredibly supported. Baby was comfortable, breastfed normally and it helped baby to position himself without me holding on to him. I was able to use my normal side-lying position with the added bonus of feeling well-supported. Would definitely purchase and recommend for supportive feeding.”

Sophie and her baby boy

“I love the removable wedge - it was so comfortable.  Plus I liked the option to remove it too for extra close snuggles.”

 Sarah and her baby boy

"Baby was extremely content and was able to take his time feeding. The mothers support is extremely comfortable. It made me feel cocooned.  I also injured my coccyx during delivery so it gave me great support whilst feeding."

Lucy and her baby girl

“I love that there are multiple features in the one product – otherwise I would be buying these separately. Very comfortable for Mum and baby very happy!”

Catherine and her baby girl

“It is so lovely to feel relaxed when breastfeeding on my side instead of my neck and shoulders being in pain. Very easy to set up and use.”

Karen and her baby girl

“I love the design, it really improved my ability to feed on my side - I was able to feed easily and I was much more relaxed and comfortable when doing so.”

Teresa and her baby girl

“I love the baby pod for me in particular, having a barrier between baby and I when my wife is breastfeeding on her side makes me happier about night-time feeding.”

Martin, Rebecca and their baby boy

Lateral breastfeeding cosleeping pillow, nursing pillow, feeding pillow

Provides a barrier to help prevent rolling during breastfeeding

How to breastfeed on your side

Much greater comfort during breastfeeding

BellaMoon maternity breastfeeding pregnancy cosleeping pillow

Allows Mum and baby to breastfeed and rest

Bellamoon Nursing Pregnancy Breastfeeding Co-Sleeping Maternity Pillow

Ease of access and proximity for breastfeeding on your side

Pregnancy Pillow, Maternity Pillow, BellaMoon

Suitable from pregnancy to 18 months+

BellaMoon Tummy time pillow

Multi-functional 7-in-1 uses for pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant support

BellaMoon Maternity Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow

Modular design supports ALL breastfeeding positions

BellaMoon maternity breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow

Lateral breastfeeding enhances babies physiological development

Why Choose BellaMoon?

BellaMoon® is the ultimate breastfeeding, pregnancy and infant support for Mother and baby, particularly for Mothers who like to lie on their side and breastfeed. Its 7-in-1 multi-functional capability lets baby feed, rest, lounge, play, cuddle and do tummy time.  It is designed for Mother and baby to relax and enjoy those special nurturing moments, whilst resting together in the extreme comfort of the BellaMoon cocoon.  The 7 different functions of the BellaMoon® Full Moon included in one box are;

Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding Privacy Cover

Full Moon Breastfeeding Day Bed for lateral breastfeeding

Half Moon Breastfeeding Pod for lateral breastfeeding (also sold separately)

Infant Tummy Time Pillow

Baby Lounger Pillow

BellaMoon’s® unique design features a soft – yet structural – removable wedge, located between Mother and baby, which provides an awareness of babys position whilst breastfeeding on your side and helps prevent rolling.  The outer edge of the Half Moon pod is sloped away from baby for maximum breathability. It is inwardly inclined to help prevent baby from rolling off the edge of the bed.


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