Art & Literature Collection

Our designs below highlight our Art & Literature Collection, and how they can elegantly become part of you, your baby and your home.


Tread Softly


Inspired by a poem by William Butler Yeats, this design symbolises all those dreams a Mothers wishes to spread under the little feet of her children.  A Mother will always surround her children with the best she can give - for there is no greater love.

The design itself is an interpretation of ones dreams, as depicted in the poem, with gold and silver on a blue grey and white cloudy backdrop



BellaMoon LookBook Tread Softly 


 Water Leaves


This design is inspired by the Impressionist paintings of Claude Monet - the Water Lillies.  It evokes a calmness and serenity that comes with the birth of new life.  The flow of the water colour leaves symbolises a new Mother as she transcends the beautiful journey through pregnancy and birth.  Each leaf is gentle and tender, yet, just like a Mother, their strength and beauty is inspiring and powerful.



BellaMoon LookBook Waterleaves

Summer Bed


Inspired by the simple things in life.  The poem 'Bed in Summer' by Robert Louis Stevenson is about the innocent young mind of a child falling into bed exhausted after a long summer day playing outside, yet cannot understand why they have to go to bed when it is still bright outside.  The linear design is like a simple and gentle routine, just like a child's bedtime routine. Its soft grey palette is pleasing to the eye and matches any contemporary interior.


 BellaMoon LookBook Summer Bed

Be Like the Bird


Inspired by a poem by Victor Hugo.  To a child, a Mother is one of the greatest and most powerful and loving forces in their world.  She is their strength, their life and the sun to which they revolve.  She gives them their wings.
Just like the poem, this print has an air of confidence with strong pops of earthy colours.  Confidence can come and go on the journey through Motherhood, yet just like the bird, deep down, there is inner strength.
BellaMoon LookBook Be Like the Bird