Childhood Collection

Our designs below highlight our Childhood Collection, inspired by nature and childhood freedom .


Donegal Hedgerow

This design is inspired by my childhood. Born and raised on a farm in Donegal in the West of Ireland, I remember walking along our lane watching the birds fly in and out of the hedges filled with luscious green leaves and ferns. This design symbolises nature, exploration and the wonder and magic of childhood. 






 Cotton Meadows


Growing up in the West of Ireland meant childhood summers were spent in the bog harvesting turf. I remember our lunchbreaks were spent sitting in the warm sun amongst the bog cotton, having picnics and flasks of tea, whilst holding onto my ponytail so it would not blow away. It was ultimate freedom. 




Whiskey The Lamb


Whiskey was our little lamb born on our farm one cold harsh spring. he caught pneumonia and almost died. My father brought him into our kitchen and my siblings and I warmed his fleece of wool with a hairdryer, and fed him bottles of milk.