Lost in Motherhood

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Dear Mama,

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you've changed since becoming a Mother? Do you experience moments when your previous self feels like a distant memory? Or question whether parts of your unique identity has slipped away during this huge transformation?  

Do you ever feel like time seems to evaporate, leaving you with hardly a moment to call your own? The demands of nurturing, guiding, and providing for your little ones can often overshadow the moments you used to spend indulging in your own hobbies or simply taking care of yourself. It's as though the clock moves faster, and personal time becomes a rarity.  

Does it ever seem like everything else on your plate has taken precedence over your own needs? The laundry, the meals, the appointments – they all seem to line up before your own well-being. It's as if the universe has conspired to place your needs lower on the priority list, leaving you yearning for a sliver of time dedicated solely to yourself.

Then there are days when you've given your all to ensure your children's happiness, leaving you feeling utterly drained. The concept of self-care can seem like a distant mirage, as if the notion of relaxing and rejuvenating has become an unattainable luxury.

Does it feel like the all-encompassing role of motherhood has created a gap between the world you once knew and your new reality?

Well - let me tell you this, You are not alone. The feelings you're experiencing are shared by countless other mothers who have walked this path before you.

For me as a Mother of 3, as I write this letter to you, I realise that I am probably really writing this letter to myself.  Taking time out to take stock of this and review the last half-decade has made me realise how much I have changed as a person. Although the distance between my old identity and my new identity has grown further apart, I also know with deep conviction that this change is - actually - good.  The love, dedication, and care you pour into your children's lives define a significant part of who you are today.  

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, consider this a gentle  reminder. You too deserve nourishment and care. Seek out those moments, no matter how fleeting, that reconnect you with the essence of who you are. Engage in conversations that help you remember the old version of you, play the music you once danced to, wear that skirt you once loved, spend that extra little bit on whatever will make you feel good, do that thing that speaks to your soul, and DARE to prioritize your well-being.  Remember that you are a magnificent force.  Remember who you are.

Whenever I designed BellaMoon, although a product for both babies and Mothers, I purposely designed our fabrics in sophisticated high-end patterns and colours to appeal to Mother's lifestyle, her fashion, her interior, her mood. This was intentional, so she could feel like herself and not lose herself on the journey.  At BellaMoon we always say, as you look after baby, we will look after you. 

And when the days seem overwhelming, remember that it's okay to seek support – from friends, family, or professionals.

Because some days, some weeks, some months, it is HARD WORK and we need all the help we can get.

With huge respect for you as you navigate the never-ending and evolving mental load of Motherhood and beyond,



BellaMoon x

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