The Nesting Instinct

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As your due date draws near, you might find yourself experiencing an irresistible urge to clean, organize, and create a warm, cosy space for your soon-to-arrive little one. This phenomenon is commonly known as nesting, and it is a perfectly natural and instinctual behaviour observed in many pregnant women. 

Lets explore the reasons behind this nurturing instinct that takes hold as you approach the final days of your pregnancy.

1. The Ancient Instinct of Nesting

Nesting is not a new concept; in fact, it dates back to our ancient ancestors. Just like animals prepare a nest or den to welcome their offspring, human mothers, too, exhibit similar instinctual behaviour. Nesting is a way of ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of your newborn by creating a secure environment. It is driven by a deep-seated maternal instinct to protect and nurture the little life growing within.

  1. Preparation for Motherhood

As your due date nears, your mind and body instinctively shift into a preparation mode for motherhood. Nesting provides an outlet for channelling the nervous energy and anticipation that come with impending parenthood. By organizing and setting up the baby's nursery, you are mentally and emotionally preparing yourself to take on the role of a caregiver.

  1. The Need for Control

Pregnancy and childbirth can bring feelings of uncertainty and loss of control. Nesting is a way to regain a sense of control and order during a time of significant change and transition. Creating a tidy and organized space allows you to focus on tangible tasks, easing anxiety and promoting a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Hormonal Influence

Throughout pregnancy, your body undergoes hormonal fluctuations, and these changes can influence your behaviour and emotions. Hormones like oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone" or "bonding hormone," surge as you near your due date. This hormone plays a role in triggering nurturing behaviours and strengthening the bond between mother and child, further fuelling the nesting instinct.

  1. Nurturing the Nesting Bond

Nesting is not just about organizing the nursery; it also involves taking care of yourself and ensuring your well-being. Use this time to pamper yourself, practice self-care, and surround yourself with a support system that embraces your journey into motherhood. Taking care of your physical and emotional needs is an essential aspect of nurturing the nesting bond.

Tips to Embrace the Nesting Instinct

  1. Prioritize Tasks: Create a to-do list of nesting tasks, but remember to prioritize and pace yourself. Focus on essential tasks first, and if certain things remain unfinished, it's okay! Your baby will love you regardless.

  2. Involve Your Partner: Nesting can be a beautiful bonding experience for you and your partner. Work together to create a nurturing environment for your little one, and cherish these moments as you prepare to embrace parenthood together.

  3. Seek Support: If you feel overwhelmed with the nesting urge, don't hesitate to seek help from friends and family. Often, loved ones are more than willing to lend a hand and be a part of this special time.

  4. Enjoy the Process: Embrace the joy and excitement that comes with nesting. Take pleasure in selecting baby items, decorating the nursery, and envisioning the wonderful moments that lie ahead.

In this period of transformation and anticipation, allow yourself to savour each moment of nesting, for it is a testament to the immense love and dedication you already have for your baby. 

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