10 Reasons to Buy a BellaMoon®

1. It has 9 different amazing functions to make life easier for you

BellaMoon® is not just a baby product – it is a whole baby system – designed to support pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant support. You can use it from pregnancy as an incredibly comfortable maternity pillow at night-time, through your breastfeeding journey in multiple different feeding positions, when out and about feeding in public, right through until your baby is learning tummy time and how to sit up.  It can be used for all of these functions;

  • Pregnancy Maternity Pillow
  • Sitting up Nursing Pillow
  • Breastfeeding Privacy Cover
  • Full Moon Breastfeeding Day Bed for lateral breastfeeding
  • Half Moon Breastfeeding Pod for lateral breastfeeding at night
  • Infant Tummy Time Pillow
  • Baby Lounger Pillow
  • Mothers Back Support for Lateral Feeding
  • Support Pillow for Rugby Ball Breastfeeding Position

All these functions mean that it costs much less than all its combined products costs if you were to buy them separately – meaning excellent value for money for parents!

2. It is one of the longest lasting baby products that we know of!

Babies grow and develop so quickly, so new Mothers often find that the baby paraphernalia does not last very long before it is outgrown.  However, BellaMoon® is different – it can be used from your second trimester of pregnancy right up to approx. 18 months of age!

3. The pregnancy pillow grows with your bump!

With the unique modular design of the Mothers pregnancy pillow, it can be zipped and unzipped into lots of different configurations. We have counted 8 different ways to sleep with BellaMoon® to find comfort during the different stages of pregnancy.

Plus, we’ve also used it as sitting up back support when using a laptop, ironing the baby clothes…. the list is endless!

Pregnancy Pillow, Maternity Pillow, BellaMoon

4. It helps establish and prolong breastfeeding

This is the big one – BellaMoon® is incredible for breastfeeding in all different positions.  It is the only baby product which is designed to help establish the side-lying feeding position. It supports the sitting up feeding position and the rugby-ball hold position. Essentially it supports Mums arms and back as she feeds throughout her entire breastfeeding journey.

Bellamoon Nursing Pregnancy Breastfeeding Co-Sleeping Maternity Pillow

5. It has won numerous awards from Industry Experts

  • MumsNet Best ‘Multi-Functional Maternity Pillow 2019’ – tested and voted by a panel of experts
  • Winner of the ‘Best New Product 2018’ in the Mums and Tots Awards – voted by the public
  • Shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards 2019 for Best Innovative Product Design (Baby)
  • Commendation Irish Design Institute Awards 2019 – Consumer Product Design Category
  • Featured in the Sunday Times MBA Magazine
  • Featured in Top 10 Pregnancy Pillow – The Independent – tested by an independent journalist
    Featured in Top 6 Pregnancy Pillow – iNewspaper – tested by an independent journalist
  • 1st Prize in the National ‘Santander Universities’ Entrepreneurship Awards in London
  • Winner of the Grant Thornton ‘Best Emerging Business’ Award

6. It passed all International Testing Standards with flying colours

Compliance of a baby product is an absolute essential for Mums and Dads. That is why we spent over 2 years developing and testing BellaMoon® to ensure its design was perfected and fully compliant with all international testing standards. BellaMoon® has been independently user tested at a specialist infant lab led by international experts, and is designed to comply with the following tests and British Standards;

  • Oeko-Tex certification, Standard 100, Class 1
  • All components Intertek tested for and proven free from harmful substances
  • Air permeability according to BS4578
  • Resistant to ignition according to BS5852
  • California Proposition 65
  • Phthalate Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
BellaMoon breastfeeding, maternity, pregnancy and infant pillow

7. Our customers love it!

We have received 100% 5-star reviews – here are some of the things our customers have said…

So glad I bought this – fantastic product, excellent quality and so so comfortable. I really look forward to using the Full Moon layout on the bed for every feed as I get to lie down and rest myself instead of running around trying to do everything. it has been great for me personally and my own physical and mental health after he arrived, keeping me sane and giving me an opportunity for some time out away from the madness of the day. My little boy also loves the snuggles!

– Simone

This pillow is the best invention ever. You can use it right from pregnancy through to birth, breastfeeding and beyond. I used it all through my pregnancy and really help the discomfort at night time. Once baby was born, it was so useful for night feeding and marathon feeding sessions so I could lie down and feed her comfortably and safely. It’s also been great to use in other positions and for propping her up and tummy time. Much better value to invest in a great product like this than to get a couple of cheap ones that don’t work half as well.

– Ranae

8. It is made in Europe to the highest level of quality and sustainability

We put exhaustive research into the practices, materials and labour that go into the making of BellaMoon®. For this reason, we chose the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certification, which refers to the strictest of all product classes and covers products for babies and toddlers. ‘Behind the seams’, the fabric quality and workmanship are superbly executed. The fabric is made from 100% cotton in highly sustainable processes, and the baby lining is also 100% waterproof cotton for any unforeseen accidents.

Full Moon

At BellaMoon®, social responsibility is a value that is near to our hearts. We go above and beyond ensuring all our products are created with the finest materials.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, guarantees that all used materials have been tested, are safe for your skin and do not contain any additional additives, processes or chemicals that could be considered harmful in the final product.  In addition, 95% of production offcuts are re-used, adding to BellaMoon’s® sustainability credentials.

9. It was designed by a real Mother to solve a real problem

The Mother who designed BellaMoon® – Irene from Co. Down in Ireland – tells her own story…

“The story of BellaMoon® began when our daughter Bella was born.  Bella was breastfeeding on demand every 2 hours or so day and night. As a first-time Mum, I was completely surprised by the intensity of feeding and so overwhelmed!  I soon discovered the wonderful lateral breastfeeding position.  However, despite the enormous benefits of this position, it gave rise to a lot of discomfort and fears. I feared that I would fall asleep and roll over, and I feared for my aching back, neck and hips after lying feeding in the one position for prolonged periods of time.  I searched for a product that could help me lie on my side to breastfeed Bella in comfort and with more peace of mind, and I couldn’t find anything. After much frustration, I decided to design and create my own solution… and so BellaMoon® was born….”

– Irene Breen, Founder and Mother to Bella and bump

Almost 3 years later, Irene launched BellaMoon® on the market. She is now expecting her second baby in August 2019 – you can follow her journey here as she uses BellaMoon® for herself.

10. It is unique in the world

BellaMoon® is one of a kind and no similar baby product exists which can do so many useful things for Mothers, Fathers and babies.

The unique function of BellaMoon® is how it allows Mums and babies to lie together to nurture and rest in a comfortable lateral feeding position. 

One of the best features of BellaMoon® is the soft structural removable wedge located between Mum and baby, which helps keeps Mum aware of baby’s position when breastfeeding on her side.  The outer edge is sloped away from baby for breathability, yet to protect baby from rolling off the edge of the bed, or to keep Dad from infringing on baby’s space. 

BellaMoon® is worldwide patent-pending and is trademark granted internationally, alongside numerous International Design Rights, meaning it is a highly unique product and brand.

BellaMoon breastfeeding, maternity, pregnancy and infant pillow

This is of enormous importance to the Mother who designed BellaMoon® – Irene – as it has been a very personal journey for her to perfect this product and bring it to market at the highest possible standard.

To find out more about BellaMoon, visit www.bellamoon.co.

Bellamoon Nursing Pregnancy Breastfeeding Co-Sleeping Maternity Pillow


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