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Hey Mama,

Its almost Christmas and we are thinking ahead to how you are going to juggle Christmas with a baby.  You are feeling tired. Overwhelmed. Possibly a little (lot) disorganised this year. 

How can you, with a tiny person to care for, keep up with all the present buying, decorations, cards, Christmas jumpers, matching pyjamas, food ordering,  personalised Christmas baubles....the list of things to do is never ending. 

I mean - wow! We put ourselves under so much pressure as Mothers, so when Christmas comes it is even MORE intense.

We want to inject a little fun and relaxation into your Christmas with our BellaMoon. So here is our FA LA LA LA guide to breastfeeding your little one and giving yourself a well deserved mental break. 

We have created an easy ‘rhyme’ so you can adapt yourself into this BellaMoon lateral feeding position quickly and easily.

It usually goes like this… “LA LA LA”  But seeing as it is Christmas (yey!) we have adjusted it slightly for some festive fun :) 

So, what does FA LA LA LA mean exactly?

BellaMoon Christmas

1. F = Find a big empty golden Christmas box and the cutest little baby Santa hat.

2. A = Actually place your baby into the big empty golden Christmas box and put the cutest little baby Santa hat on their head (supervised of course).

3. L = Lie down together in your BellaMoon (clearly baby is hungry as she has been latching onto that big golden Christmas box).

4. A = Arm outstretched over baby’s head (and cover baby in kisses - you can keep the Santa hat on!)

5. L = Legs tucked up underneath baby's toes (after all the excitement you both want extra snuggly cuddles)

6. A = Adjust your and baby’s position to a comfortable height (so you can get super cosy and warm)

7. L = Latch baby on (kind of like the way baby is latching onto the big empty golden Christmas box)

8. A = And relax (just lie there together and dream of candy canes and sugarplums and all little elves who are going to takeover all your Christmas tasks - well here's hoping!)

Here is an image of the FA LA LA LA position below which you can use for the BellaMoon Full Moon 7-in-1 and Half Moon Nursing Nest.

Look after yourself this Christmas Mama,

Love BellaMoon xxx

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