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This year has been tough on everyone.  We have felt it here in BellaMoon and we have felt it through the eyes and ears of you – new parents bringing new life into an uncertain world.

We really believe that a caring deed performed every now and then can help lift everyone's spirits. 

That’s why, this year at BellaMoon we decided to reach out to those who need our help the most.

We have wrapped our arms around new mothers this year (metaphorically speaking of course in this socially distanced era) and sent out our love by donating our products to Galway University Hospital during National Breastfeeding Week.  We donated our Half Moon Nursing Nests to new Mothers who had recently given birth on their maternity ward during the pandemic.

Recently, Galway University Hospital reached out to thank us for this and share a wonderful photo.  We have been floating on an air of gratitude since we receive this.

“On behalf of myself and all the maternity team here in Galway University Hospital I wish to thank you very much for the beautiful Bellamoon cushions you provided for gifts during National Breastfeeding week in October. I was amazed how comfortable they are and such a wonderful product for any new mum.”
Claire Cellarius, Breast Feeding/Lactation Specialist, Midwife, University Hospital Galway, Ireland.


We also felt overwhelmed with appreciation and compelled to extend some kindness to Key Workers this year.  Back in early November we donated our products to pregnant or breastfeeding NHS and HSE staff in the UK and Ireland.  We asked our Instagram audience to nominate a key worker of their choice, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, transport providers, or anyone who was playing a key role in the fight against Covid-19.

We felt strongly that we wanted the hardworking staff to have somewhere special to nurse their baby and rest after coming home from a long, tough day at work.

We received the most beautiful nominations for the most wonderful front line staff who were described as  ‘supermom’, ‘amazing’, ‘hard-working’, ‘deserving’, ‘fills me with pride’, ‘super woman’, and ‘an angel on earth’.

It felt so empowering to be able to GIVE these individuals something back.  We have never felt such a warm feeling in our hearts. 

Giving is always better than receiving. 💕

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