The Product

Learn more about the features and benefits that BellaMoon can bring to you and your baby.

Full Moon 7-in-1 Product Functions

BellaMoon can be used for a wide variety of functions.

pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

Infant feeding pillow

Infant Feeding Pillow

breastfeeding day bed

Breastfeeding Day-Bed (Side-Lying)

Breastfeeding Babymoon Pod

Breastfeeding Half Moon (Side-Lying)

(Also sold separately)


nursing privacy pillow

Nursing Privacy Cover

tummy-time pillow

Tummy-time Pillow

Baby lounger

Baby Lounger

Provides Day Rest for Mum and baby

Provides day-rest for Mum & baby

Provides Proximity and Ease of Feeding for Mum

Provides proximity and ease of access to mother for breastfeeding

Multi-functional 7-in 1 use

Multi-functional 7-in-1 uses for pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant support

bellamoon for mum and baby

Promotes a strong loving bond

bellamoon for mum and baby

Enhances babies psychological and mental development

Top 20 Breastfeeding Hacks

Designed to support ALL breastfeeding positions

Extended Use from Pregnancy up..

Extended use from pregnancy to 18 months+

Much greater comfort during breastfeeding

Much greater comfort during breastfeeding

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