‘Spring Forward’ Infant Sleep Advice

Its that time of year again!

Spring is here, summer is just around the corner and we are excited about longer evenings and sunny days (hopefully!) The clocks ‘Spring Forward’ this weekend on Sunday 31st of March. However, this also can mean an inevitable sleep disruption for you and your little ones.

However – help is at hand!

We have teamed up with renowned Sleep Consultant ‘Settled Petals’ to help you prepare your little ones for the adjustment ahead so there is no detrimental impact on your infants sleep.

Settled Petals advise to move their entire schedule earlier by 10 minutes per day for 6 days. So if your baby’s bed time is currently 7pm, make the following changes starting 6 days before (starting today!).

The Sleep Strategy:
Settled Petals offer a strategy to make Daylight Savings a little less disruptive for everyone:
Day 1: 7pm,
Day 2: 6.50pm,
Day 3: 6.40pm,
Day 4: 6.30pm,
Day 5: 6.20pm,
Day 6: 6.10pm and,
Day 7: Daylight savings – the new 7pm.

To promote the least disruption possible, shift your child’s entire schedule earlier by 10 minutes each day, including naps and meal times. Today is DAY 1 – so start today!

For further details relating to sleep support, contact susan@settledpetals.com or visit www.settledpetals.com.