Replacement Inner Pillow

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There are 7 different functions of BellaMoon 7-in-1 System, all of which are suitable for use at different stages of a baby's life, from pregnancy through to 18 months.

- Pregnancy Pillow

- Lie-Down Cocoon

- Lie Down Nursing Nest

- Upright Nursing Pillow

- Nursing Privacy Cover

- Tummy=Time Pillow

- Sitting Up Support

We all know that when we're
achy and tired we can't enjoy things to the fullest.  At BellaMoon we strongly believe that every second of your pregnancy and motherhood journey should be enjoyed and cherished.

The unique Full Moon System has been designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation from your first trimester, right the way through your breastfeeding journey.

The unique organic shape of BellaMoon is designed around the universal lateral breastfeeding position with Mother and baby together in immediate proximity for feeding.

Relieving aches and pains and
allowing you to get some much needed time-out to relax as you nurture and nourish your baby.

Our removable covers are all made from 100% cotton with a yarn count of 6060-2020.

The inner pillows are made from a sustainable breathable polyester fibre. This means they require massaging in order to plump them up for a full support.

All materials are OEKO-TEX certified.

Central Pillow Segment - 75cm
Each End Pillow Segment - 40cm
Total Pillow Length - 155cm

Nursing Nest - 75cm long x 47cm wide

Sustainability goes to the very core of BellaMoon. Our pillows are vacuum packed in recycled and recyclable plastic to help reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the world.

Our cardboard boxes are all fully recyclable - we encourage all our customers to consciously recycle.

Our spare covers are also a great way to re-purpose your BellaMoon for passing on to other Mothers - which we love to see!

We take safety very seriously at BellaMoon. Our products have been independently tested and comply with all required British Standards, USA CPSIA and EU Standards for Air Permeability, Flammability, Chemical-Free Tests and Wash Tests.

For detailed guidance on how to safely use BellaMoon, visit
Detailed safety guidance – Bellamoon

Baby should never be left unsupervised in BellaMoon.

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