Cocoon -  Pregnancy & Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon - Moonstone
Cocoon -  Pregnancy & Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon - Moonstone
Cocoon -  Pregnancy & Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon - Moonstone
Cocoon -  Pregnancy & Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon - Moonstone
Cocoon -  Pregnancy & Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon - Moonstone
Cocoon -  Pregnancy & Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon - Moonstone

Cocoon - Pregnancy & Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon - Moonstone

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The Cocoon - Pregnancy and Lie-Down Nursing (5-in-1) Cocoon

Relax into your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey with the worlds exclusive 'Lie-Down Feeding Cocoon' - where you can lie back, relax and nourish your baby as you sink into the intense comfort of the Mothers' pillow supporting your love-laden limbs.  As you lie next to baby, the unique patented Anti-Roll features of the Nursing Nest guard baby's space, and a firm mattress pad help to raise baby up to Mothers breast to support a strong latch.

What you'll get:
Journey all the way from Pregnancy to over 1 year of baby when you buy The Cocoon. It is made up of;

- The 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow
- The Lie Down Nursing Nest

The 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow
The BellaMoon Pregnancy Pillow has been ergonomically designed to provide intense comfort to you and your growing bump throughout your pregnancy, specifically targeting those pain prone areas and providing support to pressure points in your neck, back and hips.

Not only that, but the unique modular design means that it transforms into an Upright Feeding Pillow. a Sitting-Up Support Pillow and Tummy Time Pillow when baby arrives.

The Lie Down Nursing Nest
Developed by a mum for mums, our founder Irene set out to solve a real problem for breastfeeding mothers around the world. The BellaMoon Lie Down Nursing Nest has now won countless awards for it's ingenuity. Designed to allow mum to relax in comfort as she lies down to breastfeed baby all with peace of mind provided by our patented Anti-Roll Features.

The Lie Down Nursing Nest is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pregnancy Pillow to form the ultra comfortable Cocoon.

(This product does not contain the Base Sheet/Nursing Cover. It is not essential to use the base sheet on the Cocoon, however, if you would like to purchase the full system, see The Full Moon 6-in-1 Bundle)

There are 5 different functions of BellaMoon 5in-1 Cocoon, all of which are suitable for use at different stages of a baby's life, from pregnancy through to over 1 year old.

- Pregnancy Pillow

- Lie-Down Cocoon

- Lie Down Nursing Nest

- Upright Nursing Pillow

- Sitting Up Nursing Support

When your baby arrives, simply attach the Lie-Down Nursing
Nest to form the beautiful cocoon exclusively patented by BellaMoon.

The baby's side of the Cocoon is called the Nursing Nest - which features a firm but comfortable mattress base. This raises baby up closer to the breast while the side lying position naturally encourages a deep and comfortable latch.

The side lying position is often recommended, as its calming and relaxing affect can increase the secretion of hormones that help with milk production.

The Nursing Nest is especially useful for Mamas with an oversupply or a forceful let down, as gravity allows the milk to drip down and reduces a heavy flow.

Our covers are completely removable and machine-washable so no need to worry about leaks and spills.

C-Shaped Design for optimum side-lying position during pregnancy.

100% cotton outer covers, air-dried for extra softness
Inner Pillows fully breathable polyester fibre.

Anti-allergy materials to protect against bacteria.

Medium firmness 5/10 - ideal for pregnancy under bump and hip support.

Massage, fluff and plump by hand to expand and maintain fullness.

All materials are OEKO-TEX certified.

Central Pillow Segment - 75cm
Each End Pillow Segment - 40cm
Total Pillow Length - 155cm

Nursing Nest - 75cm long x 47cm wide

Sustainability goes to the very core of BellaMoon.

Our pillows are vacuum packed in recycled and recyclable plastic to help reduce our impact on the world.

Our cardboard boxes are all fully recyclable.

Our spare covers are also a great way to re-purpose your BellaMoon for passing on to other Mothers.

Independently tested in expert International Lab.

Meets all required British Standards, USA CPSIA and EU Standards for Air Permeability, Flammability, Chemical-Free Tests and Wash Tests and more.

For detailed guidance on how to safely use BellaMoon, visit
Detailed safety guidance – Bellamoon

Baby should never be left unsupervised in any part of BellaMoon.

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