How to Cope with Pregnancy in Hot Weather

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time of your life, however, it can have its ups and downs. In particular, pregnancy can be so much more difficult during summer months with rising temperatures and high humidity, particularly if you have other little ones to look after, as well as yourself.

As a Mum who is currently heavily pregnant through summer, here are my tips for staying cool and keeping those swollen feet under control.

Elevate Your Feet to reduce swelling

The vast majority of summer pregnancies can lead to swollen ankles, legs and feet, mainly due to all the extra weight we have to carry.  This is only exacerbated by hot summer days. Take regular time-outs to sit down and elevate your feet to help reduce the swelling.

(Always be cautious of more severe swelling and speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.)

Remove your Rings before the peak heatwaves

Many pregnant Mums get tight swollen hands during pregnancy. It may prove difficult if hot summer days have already arrived, however removing your wedding rings temporarily during heat waves will help relieve the pressure. If the swelling gets worse, it will be more difficult and painful to take them off.  Depending on your due date, it may be best to keep them off until after baby arrives.

Reduce your Salt Intake

Too much salt in your diet can cause you to swell up beyond the typical pregnancy swelling. Avoid salt where you can at mealtimes to reduce any further swelling.

Drink lots of water and have some frozen treats

To avoid over-heating in pregnancy, keep a bottle of water nearby and continually sip it during the day to regulate your temperature. Yes, it may mean even more trips to the toilet – but it is always better to keep hydrated with a regular water supply.

I also like to keep a few varieties of drinks in the fridge, as well as some icepops, frozen yoghurt pops or homemade fruit pops such as frozen watermelon in the freezer for some quick cool down tactics. Frozen treats are such also a great treat for toddlers too and let everyone get a simultaneous rest as they are distracted for 10 minutes!

Cool down Fast

There are lots of ways to cool down fast if you find yourself uncontrollably warm.  Go indoors and sit adjacent to a fan, keep a fan on in your home or carry a small handheld fan are all useful ways to keep you cool. Night-time can be particularly hot and sticky so wear loose clothes and keep a fan on at night.

Its also useful to keep a flannel nearby and soak it in cold water and put it on your forehead or around the back of your neck.

A nice cold shower before bed can help keep you more comfortable for the night ahead.

Use a pregnancy pillow with a cool cotton cover – such as the BellaMoon Full Moon pillow. Throw off the duvet to keep your upper body cool and snuggle up to your pillow for a comfortable nights sleep.

Go for a Paddle or a Swim

Swimming is a great way to stay cool whilst pregnant. After walking around all day with a large weight in your tummy, there is nothing greater than relaxing in cool water – be it in a pool or some good old vitamin sea.

Another way to cool down is to fill a small paddling pool with water and dip your feet in – keep yourself in the shade so you don’t overheat – or go for a gentle paddle at a local beach.

Stick to loose clothes and comfortable shoes

Breathable cotton maternity dresses, loose shorts with light tops are the best way to beat the heat whilst pregnant. Stock up on a few staples so that you have plenty to keep your going on the hot days – you can always throw a cardigan or light jacket over them when it cools down.

Comfortable trainers that match any outfit are an excellent pregnancy investment – they keep you comfortable, help control the feet swelling and are very trendy with dresses right now.

By all means – avoid tight skinny jeans, especially in later pregnancy – as it can lead to strangely shaped swollen ankles when they have to be peeled off in the evening!

Some pregnant women also find that keeping their hair tied up – or even going short for summer helps regulate their temperature and avoids heat building up at the back of your neck. It can make a huge difference to some Mothers comfort levels in helping them keep cool and keeping things manageable.

Rest in the Shade

As much as it is lovely to get a sun-tan before baby arrives, if you are struggling with the heat and swollen limbs, it is best to stay in the shade and keep cool.  Find a nice shady spot, such as under a tree, where you can still benefit from relaxing outside to enjoy the weather. Remember when you are sitting to keep those feet elevated whenever you can to keep the swelling down.  You could also bring a paddling pool into the shade so you can benefit from dipping your feet in every now and again.

It is also important to take frequent naps when pregnant during those hot summer days. If your body is telling you it is tired, then lie down and have a rest. You will feel much better for it afterwards.

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(Note from BellaMoon: the tips above do not represent medical advice – this is antedotal advice from a fellow pregnant Mum who is also surviving the summer at 37 weeks pregnant!)

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