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Multi-functional for all you and your baby needs. Find out more on how to use BellaMoon®.

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Breastfeeding Day Bed


When baby rests – Mum rests!  The BellaMoon® Breastfeeding Day bed is designed to provide a cocoon of support to Mums and babies who wish to nurture and rest more comfortably in the side-lying position.

Mum lies on one side within the long-elongated Mothers pillow, whilst baby lies next to her in the baby pod for breastfeeding proximity. The Mothers pillow is designed to support the natural side-lying position, particularly at pain point at her neck, shoulders, back and hips. The enclosure is open to the inside to allow for continued proximity for breastfeeding. There is a soft, yet structural, removable wedge located at Mums tummy which creates an additional awareness of baby’s position.

Pregnancy Pillow


The BellaMoon® Pregnancy Pillow is designed to provide full-body comfort and support to your growing baby bump during pregnancy, helping exhausted and uncomfortable Mums-to-be to gain more precious rest before baby arrives.

Simply, zip the Mother's head, foot and central pillow together to form a full-body pregnancy pillow to provide comfort before baby arrives.  The head and foot pillows can be unzipped at any time and moved around to suit preferred sleeping positions.

Nursing Pillow


The BellaMoon® Nursing Pillow is one of the first precious items which will be used to bond with baby in the early days of breastfeeding. It will help mothers support baby whilst they establish the babys latch and provide support for Mums tired arms. It can also be used for bottle-feeding support. The BellaMoon® nursing pillow is created by simply removing the central Mothers pillow and zipping the ends of the Mothers pillow together.

Feeding Cover


Breastfeeding in public can be a daunting and uncomfortable prospect for some Mums. BellaMoon® Breastfeeding Cover solves this problem by providing privacy for your and baby whilst breastfeeding in public.

The breastfeeding cover is created by unzipping the Mothers base and using it in the apron position.

Tummy Time


The BellaMoon® Tummy Time Pillow is a versatile support pillow which a provides comfortable place for baby to practise that all important tummy time.

The Tummy Time Pillow is created by simply removing the central Mothers pillow and zipping the ends of the Mothers pillow together.

Baby Lounger


The BellaMoon® Baby Lounger lounger is a versatile support pillow which a provides comfortable place to lounge as your baby grows.

The Baby Lounger is created by simply removing the central Mothers pillow and zipping the ends of the Mothers pillow together.

BellaMoon User Guide Video

We take health and safety of mother and baby very seriously, and prior to launch, BellaMoon has been independently user tested at a specialist infant sleep lab led by international experts.  We have also taken into account guidance issued by the Lullaby Trust, a UK based charitable organisation, which aims to raise awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and provide expert advice on safer sleep for babies.

BellaMoon is also designed to comply with the following tests and British Standards;

  • Oeko-Tex certification, Standard 100, Class 1.
  • All components Intertek tested for and proven free from harmful substances.
  • Air permeability according to BS4578.
  • Resistant to ignition according to BS5852.

Designed from infancy, with mother and baby in mind

tested international co-sleeping experts

Independently Tested 

Unique design

Unique Design





machine washable

Machine Washable



non-heat harbouring

Non-heat harbouring

no harmful substances

Free from Harmful Substances

sustainable manufacture

Sustainable Manufacture

made in europe

Made in Europe

What BellaMoon Mums have to say

“I felt that my baby and I were so comfortable and supported. It was soft enough, yet firm enough to support him”

Emma and her baby boy

“I really felt incredibly supported. Baby was comfortable, breastfed normally and it helped baby to position himself without me holding on to him. I was able to use my normal side-lying position with the added bonus of feeling well-supported. Would definitely purchase and recommend for supportive feeding.”

Sophie and her baby boy

“I love the removable wedge - it was so comfortable.  Plus I liked the option to remove it too for extra close snuggles.”

 Sarah and her baby boy

"Baby was extremely content and was able to take his time feeding. The mothers support is extremely comfortable. It made me feel cocooned.  I also injured my coccyx during delivery so it gave me great support whilst feeding."

Lucy and her baby girl

“I love that there are multiple features in the one product – otherwise I would be buying these separately. Very comfortable for Mum and baby very happy!”

Catherine and her baby girl

“It is so lovely to feel relaxed when breastfeeding on my side instead of my neck and shoulders being in pain. Very easy to set up and use.”

Karen and her baby girl

“I love the design, it really improved my ability to feed on my side - I was able to feed easily and I was much more relaxed and comfortable when doing so.”

Teresa and her baby girl

“I love the baby pod for me in particular, having a barrier between baby and I when my wife is breastfeeding on her side makes me happier about night-time feeding.”

Martin, Rebecca and their baby boy

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