Growing a Baby… and Growing a Brand

Our Big News!
We are very excited to announce that BellaMoon is expanding – literally! Our new team member will arrive in August (hopefully). The original Bella (to our moon) will have a little brother or sister.
When we informed our highly emotional threenager of the upcoming arrival, she was very happy! Her busy little mind and body stopped in its tracks for a whole 5 seconds and she burst into a smile. It was a very special moment.

pregnancy announcement

Using My Own Creation:
Aside from the immense joy that comes with welcoming a new member into our family, I am very excited to use my own BellaMoon creation! Having designed, considered and laboured over every tiny detail from its concept, right through to testing and manufacture over the past 3 years, I will finally be able to experience what every customer does when they lie down to feed their beautiful babies in their BellaMoon. Although I used multiple different BellaMoon prototypes when breastfeeding Bella, I am so thankful for the opportunity to personally use the FINAL BellaMoon product throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. It will give me a deeper understanding of how it helps Mothers at an up-close and personal level, day and night, both physically and emotionally. So as I immerse myself in the BellaMoon customer experience, I will do my best to demonstrate its use through our journey.

Breastfeeding, Pregnancy Announcement

Progress Since Launch:
BellaMoon launched in the UK and Ireland at the Baby Show in London at the end of 2018. October and November were a whirlwind of excitement as I watched the first BellaMoons being delivered through social media and hearing the positive feedback from Mums and Dads everywhere. It won 2 awards since launch, including the ‘Best New Product’ by Mums and Tots Magazine, and a Commendation in the Irish Design Awards. It has also been listed in the Top 10 Pregnancy Pillows with the Independent, and with i Newspaper.
The next big step is to launch in USA and Canada followed by the rest of the world. There is so much to be done, but so much positive energy, passion and belief behind it.

Growing a Baby and Growing a Brand:
I also hope to continue to share my experiences in ‘growing a baby’ alongside my passion for growing the BellaMoon brand. My vision for BellaMoon has always been a global one – to help make breastfeeding trendy – to help parents throughout the world to ‘Nurture and Rest’.
So, where the story of BellaMoon began with Bella in 2015….the sequel is about to begin with our next little family member. I am excited to see what comes next – I hope you are going to follow along too!

Love Irene (and the rest of the family – Conor, Bella and bump) xxx

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