Full Moon or Half Moon?

Full Moon or Half Moon?

BellaMoon Full Moon and Half Moon is a breastfeeding support which is designed around the wonderful natural side-lying breastfeeding position.  This position is universal and is practised by millions of Mothers around the world.  It is practised by all nations and cultures and has been in use throughout the evolution of the human race.

Although, all babies are different and all breastfeeding experiences are different, many of you will look at BellaMoon with a collective nod of the head saying ‘ahhhhhhh yes – I need this!’

Half Moon Baby Pod:

Night time breastfeeding Cosleeping

Full Moon 7-in-1:

Breastfeeding Day Bed


As a new innovative product, you might be asking yourself a few of the following questions.

  • Do I need a BellaMoon?
  • Which one is best for me, the Full Moon or Half Moon?!

Whether you are a Mum or a Dad, pregnant or breastfeeding, there are lots of scenarios where you might want or need a BellaMoon Full Moon or Half Moon.  We have identified a few scenarios to help you figure this out.

Scenario 1:

You are a breastfeeding Mother and your baby wants to feed regularly during the night:

Oh yes – we feel your tiredness – you poor Mama!

If your baby is going through what may seem like a never-ending duration of cluster feeding, then we would recommend a Half Moon.  The Half Moon is designed for intervals of night-time breastfeeding.  Baby can be placed in the pod to breastfeed whilst you lie on your side.  The Half Moon is designed with a soft and breathable, yet firm, structural removable wedge  between Mum and baby, which helps create an awareness of babys position. The outer edge of the Half Moon pod is also is sloped to prevent baby from rolling out of the bed.

Scenario 2:

You are pregnant First-Time Mother and Intending to Breastfeed:

If you are a pregnant Mother-to-be and you intend to breastfeed, the answer is easy – the Full Moon is best for you.  It provides lots of functions to help you on your journey, including;

  • Pregnancy pillow before baby arrives
  • Infant feeding pillow for sitting up breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding privacy cover for when out and about (or when visitors call around and you are not comfortable feeding in public just yet)
  • Baby pod for lying on your side breastfeeding during the day or night.
  • Infant lounger and tummy time pillow

It also makes financial sense to buy a Full Moon with all these things together, rather than paying more separately (more on this below).


Scenario 3:

You are a pregnant Second-time Mum and Intending to Breastfeed:

If you are a second time Mum, you might already have some the items included with the Full Moon (listed above), therefore, the Half Moon is possibly the better option for you.

You might be running a busy home, with a new born and toddler or older kids, and let’s face it – the prospect of lying down for 10 minutes during the day is a distant dream! However, the Half Moon is ideal for you so you can still lie down together in the evening to nurture and rest.

Although, don’t forget, if you do manage some day rest, the Full Moon provides added back support and comfort with the ‘Day Bed’. The Full Moon also includes a baby lounger which is useful for supervised lounging during the day when you are also being Supermum to other kids – or just simply want to set baby down to have a cuppa and some ‘me’ time.


Scenario 4:

You have a toddler who likes to bedshare:

If your toddler likes to climb into your bed in the middle of the night and you are also trying to breastfeed your baby – then we recommend a Half Moon to prevent those little sprawling octopus arms and legs from bashing into baby and leaving you and your other half clinging onto a teeny tiny corner of the bed for dear life! The Half Moon is best as it still allows some space in the bed for all the ‘little halflings’ who visit during the night.


Scenario 5:

You are a Mum with pains or discomfort in your back, neck and hips:

If you had a difficult pregnancy or birth, or you are experiencing pains in you back, neck, hips and legs from twisting yourself into position when lateral breastfeeding, the Full Moon is perfect as it provides a great support and comfort to Mothers for use as a ‘Day Bed’.  The shape of the Full Moon encloses Mother and baby in their own little cocoon, so you can nurture and rest.  We cannot emphasise how incredibly comfortable and supportive it is for Mothers!

The Full Moon also includes the infant feeding pillow to give you that extra bit of support when sitting up breastfeeding.


Scenario 6:

You are a Mum who loves a luxurious experience:

We don’t get to experience the special time of pregnancy and breastfeeding for too long, so we deserve the best, right?

If you want that added bit of luxury whilst breastfeeding, then the Full Moon is best.  The finishes on BellaMoon are exceptional.  The bespoke fabric is soft, cool, fully breathable and with the perfect level of support to your back, neck, shoulders and hips.  It is made in Europe with the highest quality materials and finishes.  The manufacturing team behind BellaMoon are incredibly skilled and they all take immense pride in being involved in its creation.  They are with us on our journey – continuously striving to make BellaMoon the best it can possibly be.

At a time when Mothers are giving themselves 100% to their little people, we look after Mothers – as we believe you deserve the best.


Scenario 7:

You are a Mum who likes value for money:

Let’s face it – we love luxury, but we also like value for money.

BellaMoon Full Moon is priced at £185 and the Half Moon at £125.

With the Full Moon, as a 7-in-1 product, you get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’. Let’s break this down for you;

Typical average costs for other products include:

  • Pregnancy Pillow – £30-£80
  • Infant Feeding/Tummy Time/Baby Lounger Pillow – £30-£100
  • Breastfeeding Privacy Cover – £20+
  • Half Moon Lateral Feeding Pillow – £125

So, adding all of this up totals £205-£325+.  The Full Moon provides all of this for £185, with a luxurious finish, in a beautiful package, with free shipping to UK and Ireland.  It is a high-end product, meticulously designed so that fellow Mothers can experience this luxury as they breastfeed.

(TOP TIP – if you register your email address on the BellaMoon website during September, we will send you a discount code to get another few £££ off BellaMoon for even more value for money).


Scenario 8:

You are a Dad who doesn’t want to live in the spare room for the next 6 months:

You are a new Dad and you suddenly find yourself being kicked out of the bed into the spare room, or onto the sofa. Why?  Because a tiny little human keeps re-appearing during the night taking up your space. If this rings a bell, then the Half Moon is best for you and your wife/better half. BellaMoon Half Moon is designed for short intervals of night-time breastfeeding.  It can provide a buffer between you and baby so you can be there for both your wife/other half and baby during the night-time feeds.  Unless of course you are secretly wanting to escape to the sofa for a bit of peace!

On a more serious note – late night breastfeeding can take its toll on Mothers. It can lead to exhaustion, loneliness and even post-natal depression.  Being present for Mum during the night is a huge support to her.  If BellaMoon can help keep Dads present – then that makes us happy too.

Helps Dad to stay in the family bed

Confused anyone?

Let us sum it up these scenarios so you can decide which BellaMoon is for you.

Full Moon is ideal for

  • Pregnant First-Time Mothers Intending to Breastfeed
  • Parents who likes value for money
  • Mums with pains or discomfort in your back, neck and hips
  • Those who love a luxurious experience

Half Moon is ideal for;

  • Current breastfeeding Mothers whose baby wants to feed regularly during the night
  • Dads who don’t want to sleep in the spare room or sofa for the next 6 months+
  • You are a pregnant Second-time Mum and intending to Breastfeed
  • You have a toddler who likes to bedshare

For more information on how to use BellaMoon click here.  For our detailed User Guide click here.

Finally – how do I buy one?

We are currently putting the final bits and pieces in place, and it will be ready to buy towards the end of September on our website www.bellamoon.co.

Keep an eye on our social media pages! We will let you know when our shop goes ‘live’. You can be one of the first people in the world to experience the luxury of BellaMoon.  Don’t forget to register your email for a discount code on our home page.

Thank you for reading and for following our journey 🙂

Provides Day Rest for Mum and baby

Adam Ball

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