Behind the scenes


THE BABY SHOW, LONDON OLYMPIA 2018 For launch month in October, we packed up and headed to London to get out there and meet some Mums, Dads and babies. WOW we did not realise the amount of preparation involved in attending a show like this. As it was our first show, it was a BIG…

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Full Moon or Half Moon?

How To Use BellaMoon

Full Moon or Half Moon? BellaMoon Full Moon and Half Moon is a breastfeeding support which is designed around the wonderful natural side-lying breastfeeding position.  This position is universal and is practised by millions of Mothers around the world.  It is practised by all nations and cultures and has been in use throughout the evolution…

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Why I designed BellaMoon?

Before Bella was born, I was strongly encouraged to breastfeed during my pre-natal classes. As a first-time Mum I did not know what to expect, however I decided to give it a go, and try my best to breastfeed Bella.  To my surprise and delight she took to it instantly and our breastfeeding journey started…

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