Breastfeeding Energy Bombs

Jenny is a guest contributor to the BellaMoon blog. She is super fun Mum, a very talented cook, a home-grown food connoisseur and a true practitioner of attachment parenting. 

She lives in Salhouse, Norfolk with her lovely family.

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Breastfeeding Energy Bombs

Jenny’s Story:

My name is Jenny and I am a Mum who is blessed with 3 gorgeous bundles of mischief and I’m currently cooking up my 4th – I am one very lucky mummy!  I also absolutely love cooking I would love to share my special recipe for some special ‘Breastfeeding Energy Bombs’ and the story behind how I came to find these delicious treats through my breastfeeding experiences.

When my first child was born I had no idea on what was to come and to say I was overwhelmed with everything would be an understatement. I struggled with breastfeeding which is something I didn’t foresee. After a lot of pain, cracked bleeding nipples, mastitis, I was about to give up on the whole thing when I made a last-ditch attempt and went to a local(ish) breastfeeding cafe.

Tongue Tie and Home Births:

The breastfeeding consultant Jan was the miracle I needed. She was wonderful, gave amazing advice and immediately picked up on a tongue tie that several other medical professionals had missed.  Thankfully, she arranged a referral for a tongue tie release procedure which was the start of a completely different breastfeeding journey. I am forever grateful to Jan as I’ve come to be so passionate about breastfeeding.

When my second baby Ray was born at home I was armed with much better knowledge. He was also diagnosed with tongue tie, but this time within minutes of birth!  A release was booked for him and we carried on our breast-feeding journey until he natural weaned just after he turned 3.

With my 3rd baby Honey I had another home birth. (Another tongue tie would you believe!) Unfortunately, too quick for midwives to attend but the paramedics made it in time at least. It’s all a bit of a mystery but I’m pretty sure I lost a bit more blood than previous births and subsequently I was very fatigued for some time after. My iron was a bit low and my energy was just non-existent, and I felt weak for a good month. I didn’t lose a worrying amount of blood, but I think just enough for it to make a difference.

Discovering the Miracle Food!

My amazing friend visited and brought some iron rich foods to help boost my energy levels.  Iron rich food is something which you most definitely need but you’re not always able to easily nurture yourself with – especially when you have 3 children. Among the bundle of goodies she bought; samphire, Bone broth, beef stew, soup and an absolutely delicious tray of chocolatey nutty goodness!  This chocolate nutty goodness has now become know as my ‘Breastfeeding Energy Bomb’ recipe!

These chocolatey, nutty ‘Breastfeeding Energy Bombs’ were perfect for a quick pick me up snack to have to hand while feeding. When my energy levels felt low and I was still rushing round breast feeding and looking after my older two children I could just grab this to keep me going.

After the tray was polished off I asked her for the recipe as I fully intended to make more when I got the chance. I did wonder how I’d manage that as there wasn’t much time spare for such luxuries.  However, I ordered the ingredients in and I gave it a go! It was so so easy, even with a baby in a sling and two little people running around! Absolutely perfect for a busy new mummy!

The ingredients are all perfect ingredients to support breastfeeding as well as maintaining energy levels. Superfoods indeed!

All you need is:


250g ground almond

250g mixed nut/flaxseed/Q10 mix (available from Tesco) or another ground nut/seed mix

150g honey

150g melted coconut oil

100g cacao powder.



All you need to do is pop all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix till combined, then add the honey and oil and mix again. Pour into a lined dish, pat down and refrigerate!


Done! It’s that simple!

It literally takes 5-10 minutes tops. This lasts quite a while in the fridge as all the ingredients are pretty shelf stable. Mine never lasts that long but I’d imagine a couple of weeks would be no problem.

I’m a big believer in the power of eating the right foods and I know these and the other foods my friend brought me round helped me immensely. I never took any iron tablets as I’m not a fan of the side effects but I got myself back on track and was so pleased to do so.

This time round I shall have some of this in the fridge ready for me! (I’ve even been eating them during my pregnancy to keep energy levels up). I fully expect this little one will have a tongue tie too as it seems I just cook up babies that way but with my previous experience I know we’ll get through it.

Especially with lots of nutty chocolatey ‘Breastfeeding Energy Bombs’ to support me too! 😉

Jenny xxxxxx

More Information:

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