Nursing Pillow

BellaMoon Full Moon Day bed

We recently sent out some BellaMoons to a number of bloggers so they could try it and let us know what they think. Instagram bloggers ‘Sisters and Sons’ were the first to write a review on BellaMoon. They captured it all beautifully through not only their words but also their stunning images which look nothing short of professional.

An extract from their review says;
‘I lay down to feed Rory, it was heavenly! It supported me everywhere that needed it, I could fully relax my whole body. Rory was also far better supported, the mattress part of his pod gives him more support so he doesn’t roll into me the same way he would feeding on the bed and subsequently I’ve noticed his latch has improved and the ability to latch on laterally.’

They have much more to say besides this, so if you want to hear all about their thoughts on BellaMoon, so check out their wonderful blog by clicking here;

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